Frequently Asked Questions

Rocket City Academy is an Alabama private school and homeschool cover school. When you enroll as a Rocket City Academy student, you can choose to enroll in the full-time private school, enroll in the homeschool cover school, or enroll as an independent student. Alabama students who enroll in the private school or cover school have their enrollment reported to the local school district and receive Rocket City Academy transcripts. Students from other states are responsible for their own reporting. Students who enroll as an independent student do not have their enrollment reported nor do they receive transcripts. Students who do not wish to report their enrollment or who are already enrolled elsewhere must enroll as an independent student.

Accreditation is not required in the state of Alabama for private schools or homeschool cover schools. Rocket City Academy is not accredited. Accreditation is only convenient when re-entering public high school without needing a placement test showing mastery. Diplomas received from public school, private school, homeschool cover schools, and parents (homeschooling without a cover school) are all equivalent and accepted by colleges.

The ACT should be taken by all high school students at least once. The best way to get scholarships to pay for college is by scoring well on the ACT. Scholarships at some colleges start at below average scores. Also, students can test out of remedial college classes by scoring well on the ACT. Families can save thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars on college by studying for the ACT and making a good score.

Some students are not planning on going to college. However, some students change their minds, and if a student ever does decide to go back to college, then having an ACT score from high school will be convenient. Also, some parents assume their child will not score well, but you never really know until a test is taken.